A dreaded job, well done.

“I had been dreading (and putting off) doing a much-needed attic/garage clean out when I happened to see a recommendation for…The Neighborhood Angel online and decided to give him a call. So glad I did. He is friendly, efficient, resourceful, and a pleasure to work with. Items that I wanted to keep were organized according to my specifications, items that were still in usable condition but no longer wanted found new homes. Unlike other services, he organized and bundled bulk items, returning to take them to the curb on the regularly scheduled pick up day, as well as returning to take items that required special handling to the Dept. of Sanitation. A dreaded job well done.’

Catherine McDermott Kramer

…Flew over to rescue me!

The Neighborhood Angel flew over to rescue me from my endless efforts to empty many heavy pieces I could not handle. We did a 3-week, free giveaway and finally started seeing a light at the end of the household accumulation tunnel. I continuously have The Neighborhood Angel return to take out pieces of furniture for bulk sanitation. Lon Blais and his team are the most efficient, effective, organized, time saving, space saving, professional, expert, experienced, conscientious, cooperating, coordinated, caring, cautious, attentive, great listeners, carry-out-your-instructions-and-needs, positive-thinking individuals I have ever met in this line of business. I highly recommend them for your clean out needs!

Fabiola, Bayside

On it, in an instant.

‘Lon is a wonder, a gentleman, and a force of nature. My mother-in-law wanted to get a gas stove from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Stroudsburg, PA, but didn’t know how. I messaged Lon, and he was on it in an instant. Working alone, he got that stove from the apartment…and out to PA, texting status updates at regular intervals. When he got the stove to Stroudsburg, he stayed on for hours to help with household tasks, and scheduled a return trip for future work. If it’s something he can do, he will do it gladly and compassionately.’

Dawn Pollock Jones

Nothing went to waste.

‘ As a realtor with an upcoming open house that needed to be emptied quickly, I called The Neighborhood Angel. I explained that I needed the house cleared quickly, but I felt terrible throwing everything away. He came to see what the job involved and made the most cost-efficient suggestions. He reached out to his tremendous following of people that collect things for those in need. Nothing went to waste. He is trustworthy and honest, going above and beyond. I felt his time and efforts were worth way more than the fee he charged. I highly recommend him for any cleanup/removal needs you may have.’

Jess Takular

Completely reliable!

‘ The Neighborhood Angel is just that. I needed help and Lon appeared. Superlative work ethic and total effort to do the job the right way. He had to research and prepare for the work I asked him to do and he did it all at 100%. Without hesitation I will recommend Lon and will call him again to discuss any work I need done in the future. Excellent communicator, completely reliable. ‘


…Trustworthy, upfront….and does his best!

‘I recently recommended Lon to a client whose mother had passed away. They had remaining furniture and other items that they needed to get rid of. Lon was amazing. He was able to sell everything in the house within a day and a half. The owners walked away with cash in their pockets even after having to pay him. I’m now recommending him to other clients. I like that he’s trustworthy, upfront about the items, and does his best for my clients. Thank you to Lon! ‘

MG (Realtor)

…a PERFECT description for the work he does…

‘ Moving is usually very stressful for me, but thanks to Lon…my move last summer was a breeze! He kept things so organized and managed to keep ME organized (and calm). That what I thought would take ALL day was accomplished in a matter of hours!!!! And from one of his recent ‘clearing out’ jobs, he came across a beautiful table and chairs set that was being discarded. He delivered it right to my apartment and it fits perfectly in my dining space! Neighborhood Angel is a PERFECT description for the work he does. And he also happens to be a helluva nice guy!!! Love you, Lon!!! ‘

Susan McBrien

Thank you, Lon, a million times over!

‘ After a very unsuccessful tag sale…that left us desperate for help to clear out a recently deceased family member’s apartment, we were told about The Neighborhood Angel. My sister made contact on a Saturday evening – receiving a response immediately – and, by 8:30 the following morning, Lon was in the apartment surveying and discussing a plan of action. He could tell, immediately, my concern and worry about getting this task done…quickly. … He promised…that by the following Friday the space would be completely cleared out – and, for some reason, I trusted this stranger after just speaking with him for a few minutes…I was oddly confidant and knew he would come through. Skip ahead to Thursday morning and, by 10:00 am, 95% of the apartment was cleared out – 63 years-worth of belongings! By the afternoon, we were just waiting on some people who were returning with additional help and trucks to take away large pieces of furniture. He originally scheduled this as a two-day event but ended up canceling the second day since everything was gone. To say that Lon is an angel is an understatement. He has a heart of gold, loves to meet and interact with people, and just simply wants to help! He’s professional and takes the lead, handling anything that may arise as he doesn’t want his customer to be troubled with anymore stresses. He follows up and shows genuine compassion and interest. Thanks to our Neighborhood Angel, we’re well on our way to getting our new apartment ready to bring home our first child. Thank you, Lon, a million times over! ‘

Christina Drakopoulos McDonnell

…for any job, large or small.

‘ I first met Lon when he saved my child from freezing. It was Christmas Day. My daughter’s bedroom window was stuck open and the temperature in the room was dropping by the minute. Unsuccessful in closing the window myself, I called Lon with little hope that he’d be available…but he answered the phone and agreed to come right over! After a few minutes the window was closed and the day was saved. I highly recommend Lon for any job, large or small. ‘

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