How We Can Help

Preparing for a big move and cant take it all?

Have an estate with possessions needing new homes?

Maybe you just need to pare down and simplify?

Want an easy pleasant way to get the job done?

Here’s how we do it:


We work with you to rationally select items which are no longer needed, wanted, or that cannot be taken to a new home. We also know from experience that you might just need someone to talk to, someone who understands how tough this process really is, and is there to offer intelligent, sympathetic advice.

Once decisions are made, we separate, organize, and pack those items.


The Neighborhood Angel can connect you with charitable organizations that accept goods donations. Perhaps you already have a charity in mind. If not, you can select from a list of organizations with whom we regularly work. Don’t worry, we’ll handle all the arrangements.


For goods that don’t go to charity, The Neighborhood Angel can put out a call across several different social media platforms and websites to its ever-expanding audience of those ready and willing to come and get what you’ve got to give. We photograph available items, schedule the day(s) and time(s) when those interested may come, and oversee those events. When everything’s said and done, we make sure that what’s left is either recycled or appropriately disposed of.

The Neighborhood Angel knows what you’re going through and is at your service.

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