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Lon Blais


The Neighborhood Angel

The Neighborhood Angel started almost by accident.

My wife had been suffering from a debilitating illness for quite some time. Some days were better, others not. At a moment of high stress, when I had nowhere else to turn, I walked into my backyard. Looking skyward, I began a conversation with the heavens above. I made a vow: If I could be blessed with just a little divine assistance and my spouse recovered, I’d pay back the world in whatever way I could.

Well, she did get better and, almost immediately, neighbors came by, asking if I could lend a hand doing one thing or another around their homes, which they couldn’t handle on their own. Several times, upon completing these favors, folks would express their gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Lon. You’re an angel.” This happened often enough that I commented to my wife, “What do you know about that? I’m the neighborhood angel!”

Bit by bit, through word-of-mouth, I gained a reputation. I became the guy who’s ready and able to help when folks need a help with big jobs around the house. Then, one day, a friend asked me to assist with the estate of a colleague who had passed away. Almost all of the home’s contents had been left to the Theater Department at Nassau Community College. As the residence was only a few blocks away from my home, I agreed to accept a fee to handle the task of cleaning out the house – delivering some items to the college, others to certain individuals to whom they had been bequeathed; the remainder being sent for recycling or rubbish.

While I was taking care of this, several realtors came by to inquire about the upcoming sale of the property. Each of them asked if emptying houses and apartments was what I did for a living. Eventually, it dawned on me that my answer should be: “Why yes, yes it is.”

Thereafter, I reached out to realty firms to offer my services to them. I discovered that there’s high demand for what I had begun doing just to be a decent Joe. The jobs people ask me – and now, my Neighborhood Angel associates – to handle are those they can’t do themselves because they’re too busy, too distracted, too tired, or they simply don’t want to. Whether it’s getting ready for a move, closing out an estate, or just reorganizing, decluttering, and cleaning up, The Neighborhood Angel has developed a quick and efficient system to get it all done.

What’s more, people really appreciate our friendly, neighborly approach. Of course, clients call on us to take care of specific tasks, but just as often they need a sympathetic and patient professional who can help them to make decisions. Our clients appreciate the fact that we’re happy to talk through their individual circumstances and ready to offer sensible options. After all, that’s what good neighbors do!  

The Neighborhood Angel. Contact us soon. We’re eager to help. 
Lon Blais

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